Helios™ Tetra Iso Extract

Tetra Iso Extract
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Note: This product will be air shipped separately during colder months in order to avoid the product freezing during transit. Tetra is a pure aqueous solution of potassium salts from tetrahydro-iso-alpha acids. Tetra Iso Extract greatly enhances foam stability, lacing, and protection against light-struck flavors. Dosing is recommended downstream post fermentation and prior to final filtration for maximizing utilization.
Alpha Acid: 10% (Tetra-Iso-Alpha)
Available In
1 kg Bottle
$47.00/ kgs
20 kg Pail
$22.00/ kgs
Main Growing Country
United States
Resistance Against Diseases
Bitter Components
Alpha Acid %
10% (Tetra-Iso-Alpha)